Wristbands for Every Occasion

Rubber bracelets are fast becoming a popular and on-trend accessory for everyone because of its durability and comfort, aside from the fact that this bracelet is completely customizable.

We have seen rubber bracelets on everyone–from style icons, working girls, family members and even our friends. It can be worn every day or even during special occasions.


Rubber bracelets from 1inchbracelets

There are many occasions and events where you can customize your own rubber silicone braceletto make it more special. Here are some few ideas:

Fundraising Wristbands

Fundraising wristbands are usually made to create awareness for your chosen cause. You can customize your own silicone rubber bands and use it to raise money during your company or school’s fundraising activity.


More so, you can make a statement even with just the color that you will choose for your rubber bracelet. You can choose yellow for cancer or red for aids. With the thousands of color in our Pantone PMS color matching list, we’ll make sure that you will have the color that you want.

Wristbands for Family Events

Customized rubber bracelets are a fun giveaway during family reunions, homecoming, birthdays, anniversaries and other significant family occasions. A personalized gift will surely be remembered by your guests even after the party has ended.

Wristbands for Religious Activities

Church and religious groups take advantage of the appeal and popularity of rubber bracelets by customizing it with Bible scriptures, verses and even religious holidays. Many individuals choose to outwardly express their religious beliefs by customizing their own rubber bracelets and wear it proudly.

Wristbands for Corporate Events

Thank your guests and participants by embossing or debossing your company logo on wristbands after your successful event. With hundreds of logos that you can choose from our site, you will not have a hard time customizing your very own company bracelet. Or better yet, upload your company logo and include it in your design.


Silicone bracelets from 1inchbracelets

Now, that is something amazing! We at 1inchbracelets.com can help you and your company spread brand awareness in a unique and fashionable way.

Wristbands for Sporting Events

Rubber bracelets are simple and exciting way to increase fan support. Schools, universities and national teams are using rubber bracelets to show team spirit. Die-hard fans also show their support and loyalty to their favorite team by sporting customized rubber bracelets while watching them play.


You can also give your buddies customized rubber bracelets with your favorite team’s logo or favorite player’s jersey number. The possibilities are endless!

Wristbands for Holidays

So you just spent the holidays skiing in Colorado and it was the most awesome vacation ever and you don’t want to forget about it? Seal it by designing your own holiday bracelet just for that occasion.

Instead of sending greeting cards or flowers to your friends and families on Christmas or Valentines, you can give them personalized holiday bracelets and for sure, it will be a gift to remember.

So don’t let another occasion pass by without your customized rubber bracelets on your arm. Call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at (800) 811-8660 and start making your personal rubber bracelets today.