Tips on Buying Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are fashionable, yet inexpensive accessories that can be bought retail or in bulk. Due to the high demand and competition, producers and manufacturers of rubber bracelets produce in very large quantities to cope up with the increasing demands for marketing, causes and other promotional activities to avoid shortage of supply.

Consider these helpful tips before buying your rubber bracelets:

Check first the quality of your bracelets  – The quality can be tested by its texture, shape, design and trace of any damage on the band, etc. It is difficult to know those bracelets that are high in quality from those that are poor so better test the bracelet first before. From the name itself, rubber bracelets are as elastic as rubber bands. If the bracelets are inelastic, easy to snap off or rigidly inflexible, factory cuts are poor.

Check the shapes of the bracelets – Round is the normal and the usual shape of a rubber bracelet. If the bracelets shaped like an oval or an oblong, it isn’t round anymore. Such defect implies poor production.

Check the wristbands’ texture – An excellent texture of a rubber bracelet is smooth and unwrinkled If the surface of the bracelet is too sticky or rough, the bracelet has a poor quality.

Check the print quality – If the rubber bracelets are personalized or customized, check on the message. The text printed or embossed in a bracelet is said to be poor if the ink fades off quickly.


Taking precautions before buying won’t hurt you. Doing this simple background check will save your money and will free you from all the frustrations. Make sure you only buy from rubber bracelets supplier that has experience and understands quality.