Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelet has once invaded the fashion industry. It became a never-ending trend that continuously evolving and being loved by many people. What is the secret behind this fantastic creation?


Rubber Bracelets from 1 Iinch Bracelets


What Is A Rubber Bracelet?

Rubber bracelets are made out of 100% high quality silicone rubber. These bracelets have an elastic feature that made it a bit tougher than the other. It can be twisted, stretched, moved from one arm to another and even wear as your ankle accessory.

These are the type of bracelet that can be worn by different individual of different ages. It also goes through both genders because it comes with different colors, designs and sizes.

Professionals, students, fashion icons and even those ordinary people can definitely wear this one of a kind rubber bracelet. This is true because rubber bracelets go beyond different boundaries, never gets old.

The Customized Rubber Bracelets

As part of the evolution, rubber bracelets can now be fully customized. 1inchbracelets has been one of the leading creator of customized rubber bracelets in the world. The quality it gives to the people is really remarkable and undisputed.

Their customized silicone bracelets are already a trend worldwide. People from around the globe avail customized rubber bracelets from them because of its durability and the full-control their customers have in customizing. What the customer wants is what 1inchbracelets does.

Most of all, 1inchbracelets offers convenience and affordability. They have a competitive price range that will surely benefit every customer and bracelet enthusiasts.

1inchbracelets aims to provide everyone the most unique and innovative approach in customizing every rubber bracelet that will best suit the customers.


Customize your rubber bracelets only at 1inchbracelets

Rubber Bracelets’ Uses and Purposes

A lot of charities and foundations now use rubber bracelets to support their cause and sell them for different prices in an effort to raise money. As these rubber bracelets are highly visual they also help to raise awareness and other beneficiaries.

Another popular rubber bracelet is the “Support our Organization/Party/Cause bracelets”, which 1inchbracelets usually caters. You will see these bracelets on many people, particularly those who have friends and family members actively participating politically or shouldering different calls such as environmental, social issues, health and more.

On the other hand, rubber bracelets can also be worn as a fashion accessory and even as a medical aid where they can store important medical information for the wearer in case they need medical assistance.

The fact that there are many different uses for rubber bracelets has been the reason why they are more popular now than ever.

Rubber Bracelets Today

Many rubber bracelets are embossed with different messages and words that people like to share with others.

There is also an increase in the number of bracelet enthusiast who are crafting their own custom rubber bracelets and there are several books in the market that deal with this hobby in depth.

By sharing messages with the bracelet, you are sending a message that will touch people’s awareness.

Let 1inchbracelets Deliver

1 Inchbracelets aims to provide clients full control in customizing the rubber bracelets. Everyone can choose the best option possible from the wristbands type, font style, color, and size. Choose from thousands of colors we have on our Pantone PMS color matching list to get the exact color that will make your product shine! You can choose logos from our logo chart, or use a company, school or character logo.

1 Inchbracelets offers rubber bracelets, which are fully customizable. Express your thoughts using huge fonts, statement messages and unique logos. All of these are available in all regular width wristbands and 1 inch wristbands. You can also call us to speak to one of our customer representatives at (800) 811–8660 to assist you with your questions and concerns.