Rubber Wristbands has Never Been This Fun!


Are you having problems on what to give on your seminars, parties or fund raising events? How about showing your loyalty to your favorite basketball team or you just want to make a statement? It’s easy as 1 2 3! At, we are dedicated to help you solve that problem with our customizable wristbands.

1inchbracelets- rubber bracelets at its best


Essential facts about 1inch’s Rubber wristbands

Rubber wristband is a fun, trendy and effective way to make a statement or market your services. You can customize your own bracelet with thousands of colors and styles to choose from. Plus, we assure you the best quality with a competitive price tag at the fastest delivery.

Your imagination is the only limit in making your own rubber bracelets. Impress your friends, families and even co-workers with your creativity because with our 1inch wristbands, you have the full potential to design your own bracelets.

Don’t let the size fool you, because with hundreds of wristband types, font styles, sizes and with thousands of colors that you can choose from from our Pantone PMS color matching list, it’s easier to get the exact color and most unique design to make your 1inch wristband a stand out.

You can also choose from the different logos on our list, or better yet, upload your school or company logo to have that personal touch.


Reward your self, Get 1inch Rubber Bracelets

Rubber wristband Makes an Impression

Rubber wristbands are for everyone. It’s for teenagers who want to make a friendship bracelet or for the boss who wants to make an impression with his co-workers. Give it as a token or gift after your party or event and for sure, your guests will appreciate it.

It is also an effective marketing tool if you are starting your own company. Give it to your prospective clients so that they will not forget you. Or, make your own statement and wear it proud on your arm to spread your cause. The possibilities are just endless with your very own rubber wristband.

1inchbracelets’ Commitment

Our commitment is to give our customers 100% product quality, excellent customer service and delivery efficiency. We at aspire to be the leading customizable rubber bracelet company in the world and that is a promise we continue to uphold. You can call our friendly customer representatives at (800) 811-8660 and start making your own rubber bracelets and we guarantee you an on-time delivery. They will be more than happy to help you create your personalized rubber bracelets.