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1InchBracelets is the hottest source for your custom silicone wristbands needs. Our silicone bracelets are proven to be 100% durable, customizable and it comes with a very competitive price tag! Our customized wristbands are even comparable to the famous Lance Armstrong Livestrong wristbands. We at 1inchbracelets.com, aim to provide you the most unique and innovative approach in customizing every rubber bracelet or silicone wristband that will best suit our customers.


Whatever you may call it we have it here at 1inchbracelets. Call us and we are ready and more than willing to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Customized Rubber Bracelets for Everyone


Let your imagination run wild! You may be a teenager looking for a nice present for your friends, a businessman in search of promotional materials that is proven very effective and can cater to all ages, these silicone bracelets are also evident to be a vital marketing tool for schools, events and non-profit causes and organizations all over the globe! These promotional items are perfect for fundraising or to support your cause. For a minimum of only 20 regular width silicone bracelets and 100 1 inch wristbands, you have the full potential!

We aim to provide our clients full control in customizing their rubber wristbands. You are in command! Choose the best option possible from the wristbands type, font style, color, and size. Choose from thousands of colors we have on our Pantone PMS color matching list to get the exact color that will make your product shine! You can choose logos from our logo chart, or use upload your own company, school or character logo! Be your own artist, let your creativity be discovered by your friends, colleagues, and family.

Have all the space you need! We offer rubber bracelets, which are also fully customizable, express, your thoughts using huge fonts, statement messages and unique logos. All of these available in all regular width wristbands and 1 inch wristbands. You can also call us to speak to one of our customer representatives at (800) 811–8660 to assist you with your concerns.


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Fast Delivery Silicone Wristbands Guaranteed!


Here at 1inchbracelets.com, another step in assuring our on time all the time delivery promise. We provide customer assistance that suits your needs, be it online, over the phone and email. Equipped with highly skilled agents that provide quality assurance and prompt assistance that you deserve. We take another step in terms of our commitment with our clients and that is a promise we pursue to keep. We have rush shipping that promises to have you wrist bands delivered as quickly as five days! We assure clear, fast and reliable assistance whenever you need!

We aspire building a reputable name and credibility that is known worldwide, 100% product quality, excellent customer service and a promise of efficiency and commitment are promises we pursue to keep. We understand the importance of our promise of the turnaround time delivery to our clients, and we guarantee to deliver on time. Your browser has lead you to the right place, we are sure to make your visit worth it.

Give us a call now at (800) 811-8660 so one of our friendly customer representatives can assist you in customizing your own silicone wristbands!


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